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A Few Sewing Projects

I have decided to take up sewing.  For one it’s a practical hobby – I can repair and even make some of my own clothes.  There are a lot of cool things I can do with a sewing machine, like make things.  Cool things.

Okay I’ll just tell you, I have a plan.  A really good plan for sewing – once I learn how to do it.  I can’t reveal my big, bad, awesome plan just yet so instead I’m going to show you this instead….the project that I am going to work on while learning to sew.

I have been taking the dogs swimming a lot and thus they have been getting sand all over the back seat.  I had this sewing tutorial saved on my pinterest account and so I decided that this would be a cool project to work on while I’m home in a few weeks.  See these are the kinds of things that I will be able to do once I know how to sew.  I am going to be a sewing machine!  Pun intended :)

Someday I will make awesome custom clothes and will sew Halloween costumes for my future children – which they will of course hate – and my life will be complete.  Oh wait, does this new hobby seem like a new pipe dream of mine? – no way?!?!   That’s crazy talk.  Kinda.

Here’s a link to the full tutorial, just in case you also think that this is a great idea and you either know how to sew or are going to learn.

The Project

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