car seat cover for the dog

Addie Enjoys The Pool and I Make a Seat Cover for the Dogs

Addie has been in the pool non-stop since we arrived in Maine.  It’s amazing how much strength she has, because she will jump in repeatedly and then swim around and around doing laps.  She gets so worked up swimming it’s just hilarious to watch.

I made the cover for the back seat today.  It took about 3 hours from start to finish including a few breaks that I took to work on other things (such as hearing a big splash in the pool and having to check and make sure that Bella wasn’t trying to herd her around in the pool).  The hardest part was getting the material to lay flat and then pinning.  I surprised myself by being so detailed oriented that I re-pinned the first two sides at least twice.  Once I was finally happy with the fabric, I started sewing which took about 5 minutes.  After sewing once around the fabric I realized that I had missed a few sections and the fleece wasn’t attached everywhere. I went back around on the inner side of the first stitch which corrected the problem.

car seat cover for the dog

Once it was complete I brought it outside to see how it fit.  I put it in my mom’s car first because we were going to take a quick drive and figured we could try the blanket out with the dogs.  When we got back I put it in my car and it fit perfectly!  Hurray!  The hammock style is wonderful because it keeps the dogs from stepping on the console between the seats and is a deterrent to climbing into the front.

Here’s the link to the tutorial that I used.  Car Seat Cover Tutorial


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