Guest Bedroom Paint

Guest Room Complete


Since North Carolina had some crazy weather, and my classes were cancelled on Tuesday (also on Thursday) I was able to spend the morning completing the second coat of paint in the guest bedroom.

I’m in love.

And I lucked out.

Since I live on the edge – I didn’t buy a sample to see how the color would look in the room.

But it’s perfect.

Guest Bedroom Paint


The grey is not too dark, or too light.

Now I am ready for Colleen’s arrival.  Everything is out of the room.  The paint supplies are put away.  And I can finally stop breathing in paint fumes.  Guest Bedroom Paint

Now it’s time to start thinking about my next room.  What color, which room?  I think I might like to do the hallway or guest bathroom next.  The hallway is probably the dingiest from handprints and such, but that’s not really a fun project because it needs to be a very light color (ie. white)  and there are a lot of doorways that I will have to tape so prep work/time will be significant.

I’m open to suggestions!


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